Care Instructions

Hair treatments

Our dolls are made for play. Their hair can be combed and restyled over and over again. But there comes a time when the wig becomes so untidy that a visit to the hairdresser’s is called for. Please note the following tips for the care of your doll’s hair:
Shampoo hair with care, making sure that no water enters the body. Use a fine or baby shampoo, rinse and follow up with a cream rinse.
Drying the hair: Hair will dry best in the air. If you use a hair-dryer, set it to the lowest heat or set on cool and keep a distance of about 30cm (one foot) from the hair. Too much heat will make the hair hard and damage the fiber.
Very important: After washing the hair, use a brush to apply a tiny amount of hair cream to the dry wig.
Do not use any styling methods with heat such as a curling iron or hair straightener. These will damage the hair permanently.

Cleaning your doll

Our Kidz’n’Cats play dolls are made to stand up to child’s play. Although they are very resilient, with time they may require a little extra beauty treatment. Cleaning: Soiled vinyl can be wiped with a damp cloth. Please use only very mild detergents. Clothing: Treat Kidz’n’Cats doll apparel like your own clothing. Wash cotton, wool and synthetic fabrics delicately by hand or dry-clean.

Stringing of the dolls

If, after the wear and tear of play, the elastic bands in the head or arms and legs have become loose, the entire doll can be refitted with a new elastic band. Even if an arm or leg has fallen off, the doll can be “healed” in the same way. However, as this requires the use of special tools, we recommend a visit to a doll doctor. Head hangs after unpacking the doll: In rare cases the doll’s head may have been pressed down during transport, so that it appears to hang forward. Should that be the case, please pull the head vigorously, twisting it from side to side. In most cases the head will return to the correct position.